This website used to exist once upon a time. This little header, while very low quality, was from the last website layout I created for it, prior to going with a fully "pick your own layout" concept for the site. This was something gaining popularity at the time and it was my first foray into using PHP in my coding. There were other cleaner, faster and lighter ways of doing it but this was the very first method I was introduced to.

Unfortunately all of my files from that time are missing. My computer at the time that I was using had crashed, hard, and I lost pretty much everything. This is the last little bit I have of that website from back in the day.

I am proud of what I had accomplished in those days, and of the community we built together in SForg as well as my sub-hoster back before SForg.

I bought this domain because it should be mine. Even if I never do anything else with it aside from this placeholder, this is a part of my personal history and mine to keep.

The same for my "web design business" domain.

If you've stumbled your way here, there is nothing to find and nothing to see: Just a small frame in my own memory for me to revisit from time to time.

<3 Nik